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Our Mission

Our mission is to unlock a new chapter of possibility. We're dedicated to enhancing the lives of those with muscular dystrophy and neuromuscular conditions by providing the means to a more independent and fulfilling life.

Invisibly-Visible Foundation emerged from a simple, powerful act of kindness. In 2021, Tomeca Goodwin, whose life is shaped by Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, experienced firsthand the impact of receiving crucial support. 

A near-stranger's advocacy resulted in Tomeca receiving a life-altering toilet lift and a powered wheelchair - items her insurance would not cover. These weren’t just tools; they were tickets to freedom. Inspired to pay this kindness forward, Tomeca founded our organization to be a lifeline for others facing similar challenges.



“To keep things very transparent, every day is a challenge, and yet a blessing that I get to see another day and do my part to be a blessing to others.”

Hello, I'm Tomeca M. Goodwin, founder of the Invisibly-Visible Foundation, hailing from the vibrant city of Cincinnati. Diagnosed with type 2E Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, I've been learning  to navigate life's twists and turns since 1996. Despite the daily challenges, I find joy and purpose in every new day.

I am  a spirited soul who knows that my help comes from the Lord. Life before my diagnosis was full of movement and laughter—dancing, skating, and constant adventure with friends. But with muscle cramps and weakness came a new reality. Suddenly, simple things weren't simple anymore. Each step became a conscious effort, each day a new adaptation. But I learned to find joy in the midst of these challenges.


My faith gives me strength, and my passions—like cooking, traveling, and music—add color to my life. They remind me that despite the struggles, there's so much to be grateful for.

I was once the person who could race up the stairs without a second thought. Now, I'm the person who sees the invisible fight of those like me. It's time to tell our stories. We are the Invisibly-Visible, pushing forward, unseen but ever present. Let's talk about it, let's share our realities, and let's recognize the strength in each other, every single day.

We stand with individuals battling muscular dystrophy and neuromuscular conditions, offering them a hand to seize control over their lives and an opportunity to enhance their day-to-day experiences.


Founder & CEO

Tomeca has built a career in healthcare since 1992 and has complemented her work experience with a degree in Human Services and Business, along with certifications in community health. She’s a Licensed Notary Public and was once the creative force behind Unique Candy Cakes by Mec. Tomeca’s passion for advocacy shines through her disability awareness blog and her leadership of the Invisibly-Visible Foundation. She lives by her grandmother's words, "It’s a help world," striving to support and uplift individuals with disabilities in all her endeavors.

Tomeca Goodwin

Our Team

Vice President

Damianne, a Xavier University alum with degrees in English, teaches at local Cincinnati colleges and is a passionate advocate for diversity in literature. She runs a popular blog that champions inclusivity in literary spaces traditionally perceived as exclusive. Dami finds joy in reading, traveling, and exploring new dining experiences, bringing her love for community and literature to our team.

Damianne Candice Scott


Sharonda's journey includes a victorious battle against cancer and a dynamic career in corporate consumer insights. With over two decades of experience at leading companies, her expertise in strategic development is invaluable. She also empowers clients through her tax accounting firm, combining her corporate savvy with a personal touch to guide others towards financial well-being.

Sharonda Washington

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