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Updated: Feb 28

November is Epilepsy Awareness month. Epilepsy is considered an invisible condition, there is no way of knowing that someone has Epilepsy without out them telling you or witnessing them having a seizure. More than 50 million people live with Epilepsy worldwide with nearly 500 new cases diagnosed every day. Those with sever epilepsy during childhood can experience brain damage and developmental delays. 30% of people living with Epilepsy cannot control their seizures with treatment and 2 out of 3 do not know the cause of their seizures. About 50 thousand people die in the U.S. each year from Epilepsy complications.

Check out Terri’s story,

My name is Terri M. Bolds Wilkinson-Hill. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Author, Public Speaker, and creator of Bold Vision Consulting from Cincinnati, Ohio.

The onset of my seizures happened right when my first year of graduate school ended. I was 23yrs old. I was constantly on the go. Busy was an understatement! I was determined to get through school successfully and with little debt. I had a seizure by myself and two months later I had a grand mal at the hairdresser.

The challenges in the beginning were staying in school because my cognitive functioning was affected. Also, finding a medication was a challenge. Thank God I was able to complete my master’s program and found a medication that stabilized me. The biggest thing for me is making sure I remember my medication daily. I also just practice the normal routine recommended: no flashing lights, rest, try to monitor stress, etc. I think one misconception is just because you don’t see someone have a seizure all the time or often doesn’t mean they are cured. Also, saying things like, “oh you’ll be fine”, “or stop being extra “, doesn’t help when a person is trying to protect themselves in the best way possible. My advice is, It’s not easy, and acceptance is the best way to begin the journey. Life is beautiful no matter what. Take control and keep living.

Learn more about Terri and the work that she is doing go to her website:

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